Britta's Cafe

Britta's innovative cuisine celebrates the changing seasons and local bounty. Dedicated to using only the finest and freshest ingredients, the menus are both inspired and dictated by nature. Therefore, Lunch and Dinner menus are re-developed about six times a year. The Breakfast menu remains traditional, but always accented with seasonal additions and celebratory specialties.

Britta's also bakes their own pastries and desserts as well as three kinds of fresh breads daily. You are sure to find towering Coconut, Carrot, and Chocolate cakes on our dessert hutch as well as cobblers, crisps, scones, cookies and muffins.

Respect for community and small business has lent itself to influence the way Britta's operates. Britta's supports smaller, family owned businesses that appreciate quality and individual service. They also celebrate the creations of local artists, craftsmen, and service technicians that take pride in their work. Britta's holds these tenets as core values and strives to be a responsible, interactive, nourishing business. This is evident in everything Britta's is, including the food selection and creation, the wine and liquor collection, the decor, and most importantly, their staff.

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